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4 Design Tricks On Designing Your Kid’s Shared Bedroom

Sharing a bedroom with others is not a foreign concept, especially at home. Most of the time, kids share a bedroom with their siblings before they move out of the house. But the problem with this setup is the number of personalities that parents need to satisfy and how they would meet the needs of one, without compromising the needs of another.

If you can’t figure out how you will design a shared sibling bedroom, here are some tips that might help you design a bedroom fit for your kids:

  • Take into account the preference of kids

Before you make any move or design decisions, you might want to ask first the kids involve about their opinion on the upcoming room revamp. Set up a casual and informal meeting with the kids and ask them about their design ideas. Do not wrack your brains thinking about the design concept that you like to implement at this stage. You just need to know the details about your kid’s preference. You can use these details once you start crafting your kids’ room designs.

  • Find a common ground

Once you have all the details from your kids, the next thing that you need to do is check their list and find a common ground. Given the number of design request they listed on paper, it is impossible to accommodate each one of them. What you need to do is to find a common ground. Choosing a theme based on commonality would be the best solution in this case.

  • Select a neutral design

If you don’t find a common ground, maybe it is high time that you made a decision based on your own gut. Design experts suggest to go for a neutral design that would address the needs of everybody. But be sure that the design peg or reference that you would pick would suit their personality. Also, when buying the room’s decor in Dubai, be sure that it would go well with the concept.

  • Be mindful of the functionality

Sometimes, parents are more focused on how the room would look like that they entirely forgot the functionality in the room. You need to remember that there is more than one person that you need to take into consideration and you need to ensure that they will be comfortable when using the room. Make comfort and functionality a top priority when designing your kid’s shared bedroom.

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